Felixstowe School


Good Mathematicians are in high demand even in fields that have little to do with maths. Employers value traits that are developed through a study of mathematics.

At the core of our inclusive Maths curriculum is problem solving and reasoning. We believe that every single student should have access to a robust maths curriculum that challenges them and develops their understanding of the fundamentals of the subject. We know that in order to be successful individuals our students need to be empowered and equipped to tackle a range of complex problems that will emerge throughout their life. Our students are supported in developing positive habits that enable them to invest in math and become more self-confident. Those outstanding qualities that mathematicians process, such as being meticulous, systematic, and curious are qualities that we want every student to develop and ultimately leave school having. We seek to harness the curious nature of young people, so that they are able to see the relevance, importance, and joy of mathematics. 
We actively consider what has come before, what do students need now, and what is next? Building on the work done in Key Stage 2, our students will start with algebra as this is key to the secondary curriculum as well as being comparatively new for pupils. The next step on our journey is developing an understanding of numbers and calculating before developing geometric reasoning through work with lines, angles and shape. We carefully order the skills, revisiting the concepts in other areas of the curriculum and making sure that topics are covered so pupils experience variety as well as consolidation. All the mathematics studied at Key Stage 3 not only prepares students for the wider world, but they also form the foundations for study at GCSE.
Our Key Stage 4 curriculum enhances understanding of concepts such as, calculation, geometry, and statistics, whilst also ensuring that real life connections are made – we embrace the importance of functional Mathematics in everyday life situations. Our curriculum is designed so that students spend time developing their communication skills and building resilience through individual and collaborative activities. This enables them to articulate ideas more effectively, extend knowledge, broaden problem solving skills, and reason with greater success. 
We embrace not only the interconnectedness of the different topics, but also between different subjects, including Art, Technology, and Science.  Our art makes use of patterns that in turn are borrowed from nature, our recipes rely on measurements, and understanding relationships is paramount in the field of science. Helping students see how the world is connected helps promote a deep level of understanding, which results in greater success in exams, chosen vocations, and more importantly, life. 
Mathematics at Key Stage 5 is a uniquely exciting, powerful, rewarding and challenging subject. It underpins many other branches of learning giving students the confidence and skills to continue onto university education. Students will study many new areas of Mathematics as well as explore some familiar topics in greater depth than at GCSE. In A Level students will develop their powers of analysis and their ability to deal with abstract concepts such as mathematical proof. 
Core Maths builds upon and strengthens the existing skills developed during the GCSE maths course.
There is a sharper focus on problem-solving, using and applying mathematics to solve problems relevant to students’ everyday lives. This includes financial applications of mathematics as well as further statistical and graphical work that can support work in other subjects such as Psychology, Business Studies, Geography, Sociology, Economics, Biology, Applied Science, Engineering, Construction, Computing and Sport. 

For any further information, please contact the Head of Department, Mr Daly at bdaly@fxs.org.uk.