Felixstowe School

Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour Summary

At Felixstowe School our rewards and behavioural policy is built on the values of our school.

Our school behaviour policy seeks to empower students with the skills and motivation needed to take responsibility for their own actions and in so doing equip them with invaluable interpersonal skills needed in the wider community.

Whilst we make use of sanctions and rewards to reinforce certain behaviours, it is the school’s approach to develop positive stakeholder relationships, and provide outstanding pastoral support that will ensure students within our care follow the pathway to success.


Bullying of any form is not tolerated by the school, and all staff and students are expected to be committed to this policy. All staff and students should respect each individual and aim to make everyone feel comfortable, both on their way to and from the school and within the school. There must not be any fear of, or intimidation from, other people, either physical or psychological. Bullying is the aggressive behaviour of one person, or group of people towards another.

Our Anti Bullying Policy can be found on our Policies page by clicking here.

Parent and Visitor Conduct

We expect all visitors to our school to treat staff and students with respect and dignity. We consider all adults in a school environment as role models for students, and therefore we must adhere to displaying a positive example. We do not tolerate any abusive language or behaviour towards staff. Please see the parent and visitor code of conduct on the policies page for more details.