Felixstowe School

School Chaplaincy

In 2014, a partnership was formed with the local charity Boost to introduce School Chaplaincy. This has been praised as offering “excellent support” (Ofsted 2015) and contributes to a number of aspects of school life.

School Chaplaincy is defined by three threads of ‘awe and wonder’, ‘justice and activism’ and ‘wholeness and inclusion’. You can find out more about Boost using the link to the right.

Our Chaplain

Our chaplain, Josh Hunt, works with students across the school pastorally, provides a number of extra-curricular activities, and also supports our House system with competitions and rewards. Josh trained in Youth Work and Ministry, then Pastoral Ministry, and holds a PhD folowing his research in to secondary school chaplaincy.

Pastoral Support

The pastoral support offered by School Chaplaincy complements what is already offered within the school. Josh specialises in bereavement support, helping students to process loss, he also mentors and supports students for a range of other reasons too. This support is available for all students to access, and Josh can be found in Student Services.

Extra-Curricular Provision

Josh contributes towards Felixstowe School’s extra-curricular provision through offering Chess Club, Theology Club, Debate Club and Garden Club and more details about these, and other clubs, can be found on our Enrichment Clubs page.

Felixstowe School Chaplaincy showcased at the Church Of England General Synod in November 2021: