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e-Safety stands for electronic safety, it is not just about keeping safe on the internet but also keeping safe on all electronic devices such as mobile phones, game consoles, television etc. e-Safety means knowing about potential threats when you are online; knowing what you can and cannot (legally) do when you are online; and knowing how to protect yourself from some of the risks that are involved in using the internet. e-Safety covers ‘All fixed and mobile technologies that children and young people may encounter, now and in the future, which allow them access to content and communications that could raise issues or pose risks to their wellbeing and safety’.

At Felixstowe School we take the safety of our students very seriously including their safe use of electronic devices. Since July 2014, we have worked closely with the team at e-Safer Suffolk. This has included participating in the pilot of e-Safety Peer Ambassadors. Please click on the video to find out more. Or, follow the link to find out what is being done across Suffolk as a County.

Ask yourself…

  • Could you cope without internet access?
  • Could you survive a day without using your phone or tablet?
  • Could you manage an evening without logging onto your games console and communicating online?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you are probably, like many other young people, a regular user of electronic devices such as phones, games consoles, smart tvs etc.

But… do you know how to use these devices safely?

At Felixstowe School we take safety of our students very seriously including their safe use of electronic devices.

One way we are helping students to stay safe is by training students as e-Safety ambassadors. Take a look at the video below to find out more.

Use the resource links to visit useful websites which provide information to help you in keeping safe online.