Felixstowe School


A challenging and exciting course with a technical content for students who wish to learn more about the applications of engineering and electronics in society today.

What does the course involve?

This is the new BTEC Award. It has three units which are taken over two years.

This exciting and challenging course will introduce students to the Engineering sector, which covers a wide range of rapidly developing areas such as aerospace, automotive and electronic engineering.

Students will be assessed by assignments done during units 1 and 2 and by a final external examination for unit 3.

What will students study as part of this qualification?

There are 3 compulsory units making up the qualification.

  1. Exploring Engineering Sectors and Design applications
  2. Investigating an Engineering Product
  3. Responding to an Engineering Brief

What knowledge and skills will the student develop as part of this qualification and how might these be of use and value in further studies?

Engineering provides employment to many millions of people across the world. Technological progress is rapid and the need of people with an engineering background has never been greater. Job prospects for qualified Engineers are very good.

In Unit 1, students will explore the different Engineering sectors and develop their understanding of engineered products as well as completing practical work on the use of Computer Aided Design ( CAD ) in the design process.

In Unit 2, students will gain an understanding of the common materials and components used in Engineering as well as investigate a given product by disassembly so that they can reproduce / test this.

In Unit 3, students will learn how to provide a design solution for an engineered product against the needs of an engineering brief.

For any further information, please contact the Head of Department, Mr Corker, at tcorker@fxa.org.uk.