Felixstowe School


Science is an ever evolving subject explaining the world around us through experimental and theoretical techniques.

Scientific breakthroughs and discoveries throughout history have drastically altered our experience as human beings. We are curious mammals searching for answers and explanations to some of the deepest mysteries the universe has to offer. It is this very inquisitiveness that we nurture and encourage at Felixstowe School. – we actively encourage our students to investigate and question the world around them. Our Science curriculum takes students on a journey, which allows them to explore and understand key scientific facts, ethical implications, and concepts. Those all-important skills, such as reasoning, analysis and communication which are embedded within our school curriculum are further developed in Science.

Our Science curriculum starts by exposing students to fascinating and important topics, such as the human body and atomic structure before moving onto more complex areas of study like inheritance, chemistry of Earth, and chemical bonds. Students travel through the curriculum developing their understanding and enhancing their knowledge, whilst taking part in a range of activities. A passion for Science is promoted through rich practical demonstrations that give scientific facts a visual presence. Students will also have the opportunity to take part in practical activities and the reflective process that follows. We promote the reflective process to ensure that students can critically evaluation strengths and weaknesses in practical experiments. Being able to look back on successes and failures, whilst considering how you would do things differently the next time is essential if growth is to occur.

Developing confidence, strong communication skills, and an ability to solve problems forms the foundations of our curriculum.  Our students will be taught how to interpret complex information and then how to articulate key information in a coherent way. They will also develop skills, such as drawing and analysing graphs, using formulae, estimating, scaling, finding gradients and finding averages – key vocabulary is embedded and revisited to ensure our students experience deep learning.  We ensure that there are a plethora of cross-curricular links with other subject areas and the wider world, to demonstrate the importance of the subject and to inspire our students. We strive to empower our students with knowledge and a set of skills that help them to find their place in the world, whether that be a career in the scientific community or a different vocation.