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The links under resources provide information to students about the application process for university places…

Useful links for Student Finance

Karen Kennard, founder of The Scholarship Hub, has highlighted important resources that will be valuable to Sixth Form students who are considering going on to higher education:

  • Scholarships, grants and bursaries databaseThe Scholarship Hub is a comprehensive database of scholarships grants and bursaries that are available to UK undergraduates. Students can search for alternative funding for their degree by subject, institution, and a wide range of eligibility criteria. Many can be used at any university so it is worth searching under “No specific university” as well as any specific universities they are interested in.
  • Guide to UK scholarships: Students can download a copy of The Scholarship Hub’s Guide to UK scholarships as well as our tips on applying for scholarships and grants. Useful for parents when they are supporting the search for scholarships.
  • Student finance infographics: There are some simple to understand infographics which help explain the student finance system. There is a lot of confusion about how student finance works and these infographics provide a straightforward visual representation of the system. You will also find written explanations of Student Finance and Student Loans.
  • Student loan calculator: This is a simple tool to help visualise the likely interest payments that students will face on their loans based on their future income.
  • Glossary of financial terms: For most students, going to university will be the first time they are taking responsibility for their own finances. To help them, we have put together a glossary of financial terms which assumes no prior knowledge or understanding of finances.